10 Things to Know Before You Go Ghost Hunting

10 Things to Know Before You Go Ghost Hunting

Are you thinking of going into paranormal investigations? What sort of equipment is required for a ghost hunt? How risky is it?

This post will reveal all you need to learn about ghost hunting, featuring ten pointers necessary to know to get ready for your first ghost hunt.

What does “ghost hunting” mean?

Ghost hunting, also called “paranormal investigation” is the process of checking out places where people say ghosts live.

Most paranormal investigators try to gather proof of hauntings by photographing or otherwise documenting eerie occurrences in the hopes that this proof will prove the existence of spirits.

Ghost hunting can be dangerous if you don’t have the right gear.

Follow these tips for a successful first ghost search.

10 Things You Should Know Before a Ghost Hunt

1. Never venture out on your own.

When going on a paranormal investigation, you should always bring friends or two. They can help you when something goes wrong and can also be the extra eyes and ears you need to confirm possible manifestations.

Paranormal investigators joke that they are scared of real people, not ghosts. Be careful about going into “abandoned” places, as people may be living there, or security alarms may be set up.

2. Pick places that are easy to get to

Discover the specific location of the claimed paranormal activity and see if it is open to the general public. Trespassing is wrong, and the best way to stay out of trouble is to get written permission from the owner.

You should know where you’re going and how you’ll get there (and back).

To check out private property, you should always ask permission first.

3. Take a look at it during the day.

During the day is the best time to check out the place you plan to examine. Remember to check where all of the most haunted places are.

Search for places that could hinder your ghost quest. You might also want to draw a map that shows possible dangers and nearby roads and paths.

4. Carefully plan

Do some research on the hauntings and the things that are said to be there. Some investigators think that some things can drain fully charged devices, so ensure your gear is powered up and carry additional batteries with you.

Also, ensure the settings on your camera are correct, so you don’t have to change them throughout your ghost hunt.

Dress for the weather by wearing your most comfortable walking shoes and a warm coat. Wear your hair, and think about wearing a head torch to help you see where you’re going.

5. Pray for safety and direction.

You might need a helping hand if you ever meet a real ghost. Praying for safety and wisdom is always a good idea.

Depending on your religion, you can meditate or think good thoughts about the world before leaving.

6. Don’t rush in

You wouldn’t go into a stranger’s house and throw a party, right? Ghost hunting adheres to the same standards of good manners as any other activity.

Don’t just run around taking pictures all over the place. People used to live in areas where you are looking for ghosts, so begin your investigation slowly and carefully.

7. Talk with the dead

Tell the spirits you don’t mean them any harm and ask for their consent to take pictures.

Ask the ghosts to show up in your photos. If they answer, say thank you.

Tell us about the tools you’re using. Since spirits from the past century won’t be familiar with devices like a ghost box or EMF reader, a brief explanation is often enough to put them at ease.

Before you leave, express gratitude for their hospitality and politely request that they not follow you.

8. Do what you think is right.

If you want to take a picture of something, go ahead and do it.

If you think someone or something wants to speak to you, inform them you’re willing to talk.

And if you feel you have to leave right away, that’s a serious sign that you shouldn’t be there.

9. Say out loud another prayer

Make sure to say one more prayer before you depart the haunted location.

Say your thanks to the afterlife and pray that no one or object follows you back to your house.

You can also do a brief cleansing ritual with smoke to ensure that nothing paranormal “sticks” to anyone in your group. This will eliminate any evil spirits or energy and let good ones in.

10. Don’t change anything, leave it the way you found it

Honor both the living and the dead.

You can touch stuff like walls and tombstones, but you can’t move them or change where they are.

Fiddling with the scene is not only rude, but it can also get you in a predicament with the spirit realm.

It might make it more likely that something will follow you home to “repay the favor.”

The Tools You Need to Find Ghosts

To go ghost hunting for the first time, you don’t need a lot of equipment. Since ghost hunting gear can be expensive, we suggest that people who have never done it before starting with simple tools.

Here are the “basics”:

  • Point-and-shoot camera with a voice recorder
  • Binoculars
  • Detector for electromagnetic radiation (EMF meter)

But here’s the next level if you want to improve your equipment:

  • Infrared temperature detector
  • Dowsing rods
  • Listening device with a parabola
  • Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) scanner or spirit box

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