About Us

Who are Native Paranormal Seekers

The Native Paranormal Seekers have their headquarters in Oregon. Our team consists of individuals with extensive personal and investigative paranormal experience. The primary foundation of our group is to help identify and describe what is and is not a paranormal encounter, thereby providing some relief to people who are impacted.

We accomplish this utilizing a variety of ways, including documented, evidence-based information, historical study, and modern tools and technologies. Our goal is to collect video and/or audio signatures of the actions using these approaches. Following an investigation, our team will spend many hours going over all recordings and documenting any evidence that points to paranormal activity. We do occasionally come with behaviour that seems to defy explanation. We can also separate and exclude any explainable activity during the evaluations, such as street noises, natural lighting or shadows, and so on.

In addition to public and private investigations, we offer public ghost tours. Please contact us to discuss a private investigation if you suspect you have paranormal activity in your home or company. Unless otherwise agreed upon, private investigations will always be performed with respect and confidentially.