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SHOCKING Full Body Apparition or Celestial Being Walking in a Cemetery 2017

Native Paranormal Seekers absolutely Captures on video a Supernatural Being in a Cemetery in Oregon while training a new member. 

Were not sure this was a Supernatural Being, Celestial Being or Elemental since it was watching us and then knelt down, stood up again and walked 50 ft and then back again before disappearing before a tree! We had to do a recreation painstakingly 3 times to make sure we had every camera in the right spot, we even had to go back 1 month later to make sure we had the right conditions of light using a full moon. 

We even walked in several different directions to make sure we ruled everything out. We had 10 cameras going to make sure there was no one walking in the Cemetery, Kent stands just under 6ft, as you can see this figure was almost 2ft. taller than him. You decide what you think this Being was that didn”t cast a Shadow?! 

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Proof of Giant Earth Guardians by the
Native Paranormal Seekers

You need to see our Proof of Real Elementals video here on our Youtube page to see more Nature Spirits we Captured on Video.

This is only a short clip video our Paranormal group Native Paranormal Seekers we are showing you the size of a actual person and the glowing eyes of 2 Earth Guardians so you will get a idea of how big these Nature beings are. Earth Guardians have been in our tradition for Thousands of years.

They are not demons, but Supernatural beings that keep the balance of nature, although neutral, we Native Americans give them plenty of space. 2 of our team members went to that location to try and capture on video the gremlin like creature that first messed with our camera and giggled, you can see the full video on youtube named “Proof of Elementals VTS 1 1” we were trying to lure the gremlin like creature with things we cannot say in order to protect it from people who wish to harm, but in this video you will see we place these objects to attract the little beings and instead you see 2 Giant glowing eyes of the Earth Guardians who was curious to see what we put down. The grass is short but for a few sparse sweetgrass, behind it is a 25 foot wall, on the opposite side of the camera is a lake, there are only 2 people on this trail. We wish to share with the Paranormal World, hope you enjoy!

Skinwalker Ranch in Central Oregon

Native Paranormal Seekers was called to investigate in Christmas Valley Oregon, the homeowner was really scared, she said she heard a noise outside one night and when she went outside a dee came running out of the dark onto her back yard and she seen that the skin was ripped from neck to chest and she tried to stop it to help the poor deer, then she seen movement behind the deer and there stood a 7ft. tall black figure with glowing red eyes! 

This story was too incredible to believe! On the drive down we were wondering if this was real, if she had mistaken it for something else (because it was dark), but then she was thrown 6ft aside, without being touched. When we arrived at the location we could see that there was sage brush everywhere, there really wasn’t any place for a figure that size to hide, there were some really tall juniper on a hill behind the house, it was called Bigfoot Hill, does this mean there were a lot of Bigfoot sightings?

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